“You Don’t Realise How Overpowered This NEW SBC is!”

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Oh Take me to Pipe City Utah baby Oh my God Yeah that's crazy How much is uh soreloth coming out to be Boys price wise wait 83.84 what's his Rating is he is he higher rated than his Inform is he 88 please be 88 bro oh Let's go man oh we're calling this Prime Sore Loft I gotta check this card out Man Prime sore loss that's what chat is Is proclaiming Prime soreloth oh yeah 83 Passing oh lengthy as well 99 strength Wait wait dudes other cards have 99 Strength I feel like they do probably You could put your 83 and 84s in a sore Loss two passing Oh what else two stamina more aggression Yeah he's gonna be so good I'm sorry He's gonna be so good so good you think It's a little overpriced 8043 is not bad Though I'm gonna um I'm gonna I'm gonna Finish my draft and then I'm gonna put Him in a qualities team and use him I Think is the play he looks so good I'm Gonna use him as a striker nah it's so Weird with it's so weird with soreloth Because you would look at it and be like Damn like that agility balance but he's Just so op he's just one of those Players man uh he just over performs Like so well

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